I am a highly motivated Veteran with a plethora of work experience in multiple industries. I have traveled throughout many parts of the world and fully embrace the learning experience of life. I enjoy writing about many topics including crypto, fiction, sci-fi, poetry, and anything that I believe I can offer insight on.

I am the Creator of the Deviant Translations podcast and the 3 Minutes publication.

My Titles both past and present include:

Paperboy, Detasseler, Backyard Mechanic, Soldier, Leader, Salesman, Handyman, Recruiter, Analyst, Crypto-enthusiast, Amateur Pharmacologist, Sci-fi fiend, History Buff, Writer, Son, Brother, Friend, Husband, Father, Editor, Writer, etc.

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Creator of the Decoding Deviations Podcast on YouTube and Spotify. Writer and Poet. Never shared a meme I didn't like.